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A PRI, or Primary Rate Interface, was designed to free you from the expense and complexities of multiple physical phone lines coming into your business. However, traditional PRI still requires that the cable is physically delivered from the telephone pole to the office building, incurring a lot of traditional phone line charges, and typically has a 36-month commitment minimum and 4-6 week installation timeline.

GreenLink’s SIP to PRI service is delivered by using a local hardware Gateway that connects to the network. The SIP trunks are then configured on the Gateway via the internet and a PRI port is provided to be connected to the PBX.

SIP to PRI is available in 6-trunk increments, each trunk having a 2-channel capacity that can be instantly upgraded until the capacity of each gateway device (24 channels) is reached. For more capacity, additional gateways can be added.

GreenLink’s SIP Trunks
are only 


per trunk
(This product is available in 6 trunk increments)
Part # SIP2PRI

Each trunk includes:

  • 2 call channels per trunk
  • Free DID per trunk
  • Free porting
  • Toll Free Number (Usage at $0.039 cents per minute)
  • Unlimited calling within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Instant upgrade capabilities
  • Endless Scalability
  • 12 month agreement

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