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Our Paperless Fax Solution is just one more way that makes faxing faster, easier and more productive.

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This service provides customers with the ability to send faxes from a web browser from any device.

Status Green 35x35 Send and receive faxes from our Customer Portal

Status Green 35x35 Incoming fax to email

Status Green 35x35 Cover Sheets available

Status Green 35x35 200 pages included

Status Green 35x35 Additional pages 8 cents per page

Status Green 35x35 User access controls

Status Green 35x35 Great for remote staff

Introducing a new feature, the Cover Page Template!

This new update includes an enhancement that would allow adding a Cover Page to the fax document when sending outbound faxes, designed for better comfort.

A cover page option is a fast and easy way to send and receive faxes with a custom-designed template sheet. It contains all the information submitted through the form.

Using a fax cover sheet is always a good idea, and in most cases, a necessity. Watch this step-by-step guide describing the process, and start faxing now with this new feature!

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Outbound Paperless Fax


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It's now possible to include a Cover Page on the fax document when sending a fax to a particular destination.

It is easy to see why Fax Cover Page is a great feature!

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No fax machine required

custom cover sheet

Custom-designed Cover Sheet

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Notification with follow-up status

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