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Our SMS/MMS solution offers a wide range of flexible options to cater to the ever-changing demands of the modern workforce.

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GreenLink is proud to offer a powerful SMS/MMS text messaging solution that provides versatile options to meet the needs of today's dynamic workforce.

Business SMS/MMS Text Messaging

Stay connected effortlessly with our SMS/MMS solution, streamlining communication for stronger relationships and increased productivity.


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Benefits of GreenLink's Business Text Messaging

Status Green 35x35 Messages are retained within the account, as they are sent and received within the Customer Portal. This allows you to assign those messages to different team members.

Status Green 35x35 New message notifications can be sent to your email or as a text message to your personal phone.

Status Green 35x35 Team collaboration: a DID enabled with SMS can be assigned to multiple team members to ensure that messages are monitored by the team. Customers can add or remove team members from the Customer Portal.

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