SIP to Analog

To take advantage of VoIP technology today!

Integrate VoIP with an Analog PBX


In order to accommodate all scenarios, GreenLink SIP to Analog solution addresses the needs of those customers with a Phone System (PBX) that require analog lines but want VoIP technology. As a result, the business can lower costs and add call capacity.

While we know that the business will ultimately move to a Cloud Phone System, being able to take advantage of this service can extend the life of an existing PBX, and make a transition to the cloud in the future a lot easier.

GreenLink’s SIP Trunks
are only 


per trunk
(This product is available in 6 trunk increments, 1 analog line per trunk)

Each trunk includes:

  • Free DID per trunk
  • Free porting
  • Toll Free Number (Usage at $0.039 cents per minute)
  • Unlimited calling within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Instant upgrade capabilities
  • Endless Scalability
  • 12 month agreement

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