We use the power of the cloud to deliver business phone service over your existing internet connection.

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The power of the cloud

Cloud phone services combine your phone system and extensions, long distance service, and technical support, creating a predictable, per-extension, per-month model.

Costs for business phone service can be reduced significantly due to the removal of physical phone lines to maintain, and having calls routed through the cloud instead of those physical lines.

GreenLink is proud to offer the most flexible Cloud Phone System solution which enables you to configure your system, your way, to best meet your needs.


The following services are available as Add-ons available for each Plan. All Add-ons are Month to Month.

Service Part # Price (Plus applicable taxes and fees)
Additional local number USDID $4.99 each per month
Additional local numbers (50+) USDID-50 $1.50 each per month
Additional Toll Free Numbers TFDID $4.99 each per month
Personalized on-hold audio PERHOLD $9.99 per month
Toll-free usage 3.9¢ per minute
Toll-free minute bulk (1,000 included) TF1KBulk $29.99 per month
Additional Auto-Attendant AUTOATTENDANT $9.99 per month
Call Recording 30 Day Retention – (Per 50 extensions) CALLREC-30 $29.99 per month
Call Recording 60 Day Retention – (Per 50 extensions) CALLREC-60 $59.99 per month
Call Recording 90 Day Retention – (Per 50 extensions) CALLREC-90 $89.99 per month
Call Recording 120 Day Retention – (Per 50 extensions) CALLREC-120 $119.99 per month
Virtual Extension VEXT $14.99 per month
Conference Bridge (up to 10 participants) CONFBRI10 $19.99 each per month
Outbound Faxing (from Customer Portal) OUTFAX

$19.99 Per Fax Number

- 200 pages included

- 8 cents per additional page

Hybrid Fax Solution HYBRIDFAX

$29.99 Per Fax Number

- 200 pages included

- Hybrid Fax ATA device included with service

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